How to empty your mind?


Have you been to sleep and your brain would simply not stop? Or simply making a task and your brain is thinking on 1001 things at the same time?

These are the times when you have to empty your mind! How to do it?

See the video and check it out!

P.S.: I’m not a english native speaket, so please forgive me my mistakes 🙂 🙂



How can you empty your mind?

Hi! Welkome to another videoBlog of In this videoBlog we will talk about “How to empty your mind”. Have you ever be in a situation were your mind is full of ideas or full of things that you can not , for example, sleep?So one of key thingswe can do empty and to free your mind and to be more focus because not only when you go to sleep but also when you are working and trying to focus but your mind is always coming with something is not related what you are doing. So there is a very , very simpe technique that you can use to free your mind and consist in two things: a paper and a pen. So my advise is when you go to sleep and if you are a person that have a lot of ideas whe you sleep or you think in to many things when go to sleep and you have troubles sleeping, just leave your pen and paper besides your bed and every time you start to think about those things, just write it down. And i will garantie that you will sleep for sure or if you are working and you have ideas that are not related with what you are doing and you wont to keep focus on what you are doing, just pick up the paper, the pen and write it down. My advice is to have like a small book that you can carry on your bag or on your pocket and everytime you have something that you remember write it down. I can call that book like the insight book or book of ideas or the positive book or wherever you want to call but just write it down because the effect of writing it will set you free and empty your mind, ok?  So if you enjoy this video Blog please comment the video and tell me if it helped you and if you like those kind of subjects. One very important thing is that I am working on a curse, a mindset curse, that I hope to release this year, and if you are interested just go to and put your email there and you will receive more informations about when I have the thing together, all information together I will send to you , ok? So I hope you have a great week full of energy , full of KI and above all with an empty brain. Bye , bye.