Monitoring Goals


We are in the end of the month and I ask you: How are your resolutions?

How many steps did you do in direction of your goals?

Hmmmmm… Yap! That’s what we are going to talk about!

See the video and check it out!

I wish you an AWESOME week, full of energy and full of KI!

P.S.: I’m not a english native speaket, so please forgive me my mistakes 🙂 🙂



Hi guys so today we’re going to talk about goals after one month.
Okay so today we are going to talk about goals and after one month we are at the end of January and so it’s a good time to make, like a point of situation to know exactly where we are, and I advise you to check out your goals and if you haven’t make, put your goals for the year, I would invite you to the set up the goals in the following way: do a minimum goal, a goal that you would feel very good and a stretch goal and so if you don’t accomplish the minimum, you will not be frustrated, if you accomplish the medium you’ll be very happy but if you get to the stretch goal you will be out of this world, and so I invite you to establish those kind of goals and after that you should share, share with people that can push you up, that can raise your level, like I already told a video before, so don’t forget set up your goals: three ways share with a partner and then from time to time, like every month or every three months, try to have people to ask you, like accountability partner, to ask you how the goal it is. Is it already done, is it not, how do, what is your status ok.
I hope you have, you have your goals, if you haven´t just put them on paper and share it, hopeful you’ll have a great year.
So I hope you have a great week ,full of energy and above all full of Ki!