Tell me who you hang with… 5x

Tell me who hang out and I will tell you who you are…

This is one of the old sayings that we have in Portugal and underneath has a secret on how we can increase our results 5 time more.

Do you think it is impossible? Check out the video and then give-me some feed-back 🙂

Click here to see the video. Only 8 minutes!

I hope you have a great week full of gratitude 🙂 and full of KI!



Hi guys!

How can your rates five times your results? Let’s talk about that.

Today I’m going to talk about that idea that can improve 5X, 5X your results!

I… I… Right now I’m driving to my home, I just… I just arrived from Sao Paulo – Brazil, I went there for a big seminar, 2,500 people, and it was conducted by a friend of mine, his name is Érico Rocha, he is a brilliant, brilliant marketeer and also an amazing, amazing guy, an awesome guy.

We have also there, like two billionaires, with a B, two billionaires talking and also the father of Product Launch Formula Jeff Walker, which is another amazing guy, one of mine… I have the privilege to have as a mentor right now and I’m part of these mastermind group.

And when I was there and I was, of course, doing a lot of network, a lot of contacts and I realize… I realize that a principle that I used to know, and I forgot it a little while, but someone… someone came up with that and… that I just remember that could… should do a video about this, which is: you are average of the five persons that you hang out!

So, if you hang out with people that, don’t raise their standards, they don’t… they don’t have goals, they always talk in a negative, always talking about problems, and “it’s complicated!”, and “You can’t do it!” and all that that shit, you probably will be the same, I just remember when I was… When I was doing competition in karate, martial arts, I improved my game, I improved my skills when I went to a place that environment… The people that I was hanging out were better than me and so that’s raised completed my standard, because I didn’t have a choice, when was with them I had to improve, if I wouldn’t improve probably I wouldn’t be so well accepted, probably wouldn’t feel so well, so I would feel bad, and so, in that position we only have one… one way out, which is: improve our game, improve… raise our standards and just have…just have great results. Because if have shity people around you, you will be like shit, sorry my language, but this is the true.

So, my advice for today is: look to your circle, look to your circle and don’t be rude, of course, but raise the standards of the people that you hang out, get people around you that really push you, get people around you that can increase your… your… your results!

If you have five people that are amazing: you will be amazing, you will have 5X a better result!

So like I was saying, raise your standards, raise the standards off your circle and for sure, you will get five times the result! Like I said I just returned from Brazil and will be tired and sorry for the glasses, but the light is boring a bit in my eyes and so I have to shoot the video with the glasses…

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So I hope you have a great, great week, full of Energy and full off Ki!

Bye, Bye!