How to decide?

Everyday we make decisions. Some with more impact than others…

The truth is that from the moment we wake up until the moment we go to sleep we make plenty decisions that can have a great impact in our lives.

But when we have to make a decision of something that can change our lives most of the times is not a quick decision because we are not trained to be fast in decision-making.

In the other hand, we never know (in the moment of decision) if the choice A or B is the best for us.

So how can we decide?

For that, check out the video and then give-me some feed-back 🙂
Let me show to you!.

See the video. Only 5 minutes!

I hope you have a great week full of GOOD decisions 🙂 and full of KI!

P.S.: I’m not a english native speaket, so please forgive me my mistakes 🙂 🙂


Hi guys!
So today we’re going to talk about decisions, how to make a decision!
Ok, so, we every day we… we… we make decisions, when we get out of bed, when we get out of our homes, when we get into the car, we… we… we decide always, but of course you are not think about those decisions, but think about business decisions or personal decisions that affects you. That as a bigger impact in you and you are sometimes, you are insecure to… to take those… those decisions because you don’t know if it is the right one or it is wrong one.
Well, one of the techniques that it’s very… very powerful and probably nobody don’t use it because you… you keep forgetting, is to write it down, when you have a decision write down what is the question and then write the pros and the cons, the advantages and disadvantages, and that way you will have a clear… you have a clear scenarios in front of you that will help you to make the right decision. And… and your brain will help you to, as soon as it is in a clear way, it will help you to have a better decisions and we usually say that “it’s better to have a bad decision that no decisions”, ok I don’t know if it makes sense in… in… in English but in Portuguese we have this kind of saying. And so, what it means is we have to decide something and once we decide we keep that decision until we think it’s not the right decision, and if, of course, if we decide that it was wrong and we have the possibility to… to make it right we are not dummies, so we… we turn out and we go to the right one, ok?
But, once you decide you won’t… you don’t keep thinking about: “oh did I make the right one” or “was it wrong”, you don’t think about, because if you live in the past, you cannot live in the present, and that will affect your productivity, that will affect your life. So once you decide, just focus on that decision and keep on going, if it was the wrong decision and you have the possibility to change, just change it, but don’t think about that.
And speed… speed is essential, today we’re living in a very fast world and so we have to decide faster and faster every day, so for that, we need to… to… to find ways to decide as quickly as possible. One of the ways is: if you work with somebody, is to ask the person when… when it comes to… when someone comes with you… near you with a question and wants to ask you something, or wants to ask you a decision, just asked him what… “what you think about”, what was… if he was in your position what was her… her or his decision, so in that way you save a lot of time because you will think about that and then you just have to think about his decision was is the right or was it wrong, and you can… you can… you can decide quite fast when someone thinks about your decisions.
So, I hope you’ll like it, give me a thumbs up or thumbs down, but give me some… some reaction and give me some comments, just comment down here and I will answer personally, and also you can go to our blog just click the link below and you can check… you can check … all the goodies are there, you can see a lot of videos about this themes and other things that can be important, can impact your life. Is just one video as impact and brought you something, I’m already very, very happy!
I hope you have a great week, full of Energy and full of Ki!
Bye, Bye!