How to decide (Again :))?

In the last video, I finished and I was not happy… So I decided to come back again to this subject:-)

I’m going to talk about some topics which I considerer to be very relevant to make the righ call.

So let’s do it again. How can we decide? – Strike 2 🙂

See the video. Only 5 minutes!

I hope you have a great week full of GOOD decisions 🙂 and full of KI!


Hi guys!
Today I would like to speak a little bit more about a how to decide, okay? So, let’s talk about.
Hi guys, so today I’m in a place called Vale do Inferno… Vale do Inferno, if i can translate it will be the “Hell of Valley”…I don’t know if it’s a good translation, but anyway, it is a place where we can see the whole city and as you can as you see behind me…the city is great…this is an awesome, awesome place, so let me just put this on the right track so we can…okay… speak…okay…so we can speak on the right way.
So today we are gonna talk about, how to decide…and I would like to compliment the last video about how to decide. So one of the key things to decide, is decide quickly,so as you know the military’s in in battlefield or fighters like martial arts or…any sports and sportsman…they have to decide very very quickly they have to train their brain to decide quickly and so I invite you to do the following: every time you have a decision, decide in seconds, and then, write it down what will be your decision, then you’ll think about, you will think about, okay, what is the best decision you decided carefully,his vantage and his advantage of that decision. But then, you compare the last decision with your first decision in terms of, okay, if i was deciding in seconds, what would be my decision and with this kind of exercise, you will train more and more your brain and so, the idea is to have a brain that, decides very very quickly and what you will notice through the this kind of training, is that your brain will start to follow more and more, about the decisions that you would make if you had more time, and that is wonderful thing because every company, every entrepreneur, every person likes people that decides quickly that doesn’t wonder if it is the best decision or not for hours, days, weeks and months to decide something. This is a precious thing and it’s very very related to competence and related to people that are really really good in their business or in their professional life or even in their personnal life, okay? And another thing that I would like to tell you is, when you make a decision try to have options, and try not to have one option, because that is not a decision ok? it’s…you’ll follow the option…it’s not a very good decision. If you have like two options, if you have two options, that is a dilema, it’s not also having an option, you must have at least three options, in those cases you can think what would be the the best decision, and then, of course you can decide. okay?
So, I hope you have a great week and we are close to Christmas, so Merry Christmas! I hope you have a very good Christmas Day and I hope you have a great week full of energy and full of ki!
Bye, bye!