Do you know how to breath?

Feeling under stress! Feeling that the roof is going to fall!
Or feeling that your breathing is faster than your heart?

This is a symthom that something is wrong! And we can fight it with breathing… But not the normal breathing!

Let me show to you!.

See the video. Only 11 minutes!

I hope you have a great week full of breathing 🙂 and full of KI!

P.S.: I’m not a english native speaket, so please forgive me my mistakes 🙂 🙂


So, do you really know how to breath?
Are you sure?
We are going to talk about that. See you in a minute.
So breathing, today we are going to talk about breathing. I know that probably a lot of you are thinking: “Ok Ricardo, I know how to breath, so what is the big deal?”. NO! It’s a big, big deal! Because usualy people just breathe using like one-third at maximum, one of a half of the capacity of the lungs and the consequences of that is bad judgment, stress, staying nervous, not sleep well… Well a lot of things happen because of that, and I hould like you to speak about someone that I had the fortune to know him and is an expert in breathing, He has an academy called “breatheology” and let me tell you a little bit about how I met this person, which the name is Stig, I will not say his username, because I will probably give a different accent so,… I don’t want to give him another name, so let’s stay with Stig and you can’t search, you can google and you will find it and I will put a link also, so you can you can reach Stig’s world. But Stig is a Danish guy, I’m a friend off Michael Maidens, and Michael Maidens is from Australia and he… when he was there last, I think last month, he was visited by Stig, and he met him and he posted something about Stig, in the morning I saw the post, I was watching the post and saying: “Stig is a World Guinness Record?” then I click the post, …read the news that was attached to the name and he had a World Guinness Record that when I read for the first time, I simply didn’t believe, because it was written that he could hold his breathing for – preparing yourself – for 22 minutes! Yes, you heard right: 22 minutes, and I was like…, I thought it was 12 minutes, I thought it was a mistake, when I saw 22 minutes, I took leak in another link, which, which was the documentary off a CBS documentary very famous called 60 Minutes and they did a documentary about Stig. And it was incredible because by besides this World Record, he also has other, other World Guinness Record for example: swimming under the ice, only wearing Speedos for, I think hundred fifty feet, I think, so I don’t want to miss numbers, but you can click and you can search it, it’s amazing and also is an amazing guy, and so when I saw that post I said: “I have to me this guy, cause I’m beeing doing yoga, about breathing, so I have to meet him, because I want to speak with him, must be a very interesting people, person. And so, the University, sorry, the universe using their energies, joined us together in United States, because we went to live event, both of us and we’ve met there so it was very, very good because we have good energy between each other, and so we became friends and it was very, very good to know him and he shared some of the stories about breathing. That breathing helps a lot his clients and the breathing can help in many, many ways. He is coaching a lot of, a lot of famous people how to breathe better and how to use the breathing in, in certain areas, and so, just how I was telling this story, just to, to prove yourself that breathing, we, we, usually people don’t know how to breath, because when we, when we are born, when we are a simple baby and if you look to a baby’s sleeping and breathing, you’ll see his stomach going up and down, up and down, his belly is up-and-down, always, and then as time goes by and we grow up, we see people start to breath with our chest. Chest breathing, we go just like this… so we have to breathe faster, because we have to breath faster we put less oxygen in our lungs and so, we came… we become more stressful, we, we have a lot of things that are not good for our life.
So, breathing is essential and I would like to show you a way that you can learn how to breath. So I will put it on mine sideway as you can see and I will ask you to put your left hand, or your right hand it doesn’t the matter, your right hand over your stomach or your belly and your left over the chest, so when you are breathing you go, you take out the air… and when you take out the air, of course the voice changes, when we take out the air it’s natural that the body just go like this… because it’s compressed when we take out the air, so now you’re going to feel, using first this area, so you go like… you see? I would put me more in sideway, so with you can check out…ok… again… and then after this… and then you breath out the same way…ok… so breath in… breath out… so, by this way you’ll breath more in, at least double capacity, so you go just like… and then… ok I did a little bit faster because what you want to do is, at least, breath in, because if you are doing this for the first time, you can do breath in, in 4 steps, you just go like 1,2,3,4… so… 4 than you hold, at least 2 seconds… and then you breathe out in the double… 8 seconds… ok.. you hold again 2 seconds for example, or 4 seconds… then again… then out…
So, in the beginning you’ll feel unnatural, it’s natural because you are not, you are not used to that kind of breathing, but as time goes by you’ll feel more and more natural and you’ll feel more and more with air and if your body has more air, more air, it means that you’ll… the chemistry inside your body will work much better and it will be much better, so that way you can, you can, you can for sure be in a better condition and be in the a better estate, better state so you can make the right decisions and of course, having not so stress, not a stressful life, ok?
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