5 Resolutions to New Year

One more year ends and another starts… 🙂

Party, party, party and for every culture there is a tradition of doing something, or eating something and ask for “Wishes”, like you were speaking to “Aladino’s Lamp” 🙂

Instead of 12 wishes, let’s thing about 5 resolutions for 2016, or better let’s thing about 5 principles to apply when we are thinking about the goals for 2016.

Do you want to know which are? 🙂 .

See the video. Only 7 minutes!

I wish you an AWESOME YEAR full of ENERGY, GOALS 🙂 and full of KI!

P.S.: I’m not a english native speaket, so please forgive me my mistakes 🙂 🙂


Hi guys!
A New Year is coming so 5 things that you should think about for the next year!
So we are in the end of the year and a beginning of a new year and this is a time that people make new resolutions but before going to that, I’m going to ask you if you want to subscribe this videos just click on the on the left corner or below the red button to subscribe this videos, go on!
Ok, it’s done? Perfect!
Let’s talk about the new resolutions that everybody, everybody makes but, sometimes not in the right way, and sometimes it doesn’t happen, because they didn’t follow through and so, I would like to propose you five things, five things that you should think about when you make the new resolutions of the new year.
The first thing is get out of your comfort zone, raise your standards, make something that elevates you, make something that will push you through something, that’s very important, if you, if you want to take the average life, you will not succeed as you like to. This is the first thing that you should think before taking the new resolutions.
Another thing is establish a goal, a physical goal, something to your body, something to your… to your shape, to get fit, to get three times exercise per weak, to get something that will improve your body, because if improve your body, the body is a temple of the soul, so if you… if you improve your body, your fit, you’ll feel better, you’ll feel more energized and you will have, like I said, more energy to face the challenge that, for sure, this year will present you!
So establish a physical shape, a fit goal, Ok.
Third thing, establish also a financial goal, because if you had a financial goal, a number that will help you also in terms of your work, the way you work, the way you, you give it to the company that you work, or the business that you own, you will give it a different way, because you have that goal in mind, even if you work for another company, it doesn’t matter, because you have to earn that salary that have, that the company pays and if you do a better job you increase the probabilities of receiving a raise, and everybody likes raises, right?
Be sure of that, make established financial goal!
The fourth thing is established a social, a social principle, what I mean by social principle, do something, do something to charity, establish a goal to help charity, to help others that are in a worse position than you. For sure you will have a lot of organizations around you, that needs help and sometimes the only thing about this Christmas, on Christmas, and we should think this every month. In our company we help every month, we help between 10 to 12 families with, with food, giving food, by this way helping them to have a better life, because people sometimes go to bad times, everybody go to bad times, so if we are there to help them, that’s… I believe the universe will give us back in double, so don’t forget.
Fifth and most important is establish a point of control, establish a point where are you going to evaluate “where are we go?”, Are you accomplish?, Are you getting away from it?, Do you need another strategy?
Establish a date in your calendar, where you are going to evaluate those things ok. Like three months, six months, nine months, it doesn’t matter, but establish some point of control, where you check, where you check your progress, where you check the things that you are doing and probably that you need to change some things and that will be the ideal moment to rethink, because rethink helps a lot you to accomplish your goals!
I hope you have like this video, I would like to wish you a very, very Happy New Year and one of the things I like to ask you is please comment this video, tell me what are your resolutions for the next year, just tell me that.
Give a thumbs up or a thumbs down, but give me some feedback, if you want you can go to www.ricardoteixeira.com you have the link below and you can you can check out several videos, that can help you also your life, and if you have just one tip, one video that helped for sure your life I’m I will be very happy!
I would like to wish you a happy New Year, like I was saying, full of energy, full of Ki and see you next year!
Bye, Bye!