Language Precision

Soon… Many… Some…

These are some of the expressions that we listen everyday and the meaning is equal to ZERO!

How many times have you heard these and you felt like throwing from the window? Or throw the other person? 🙂

Language Precision is something that is missing a lot in our culture which interfers with our state of mind and the perception that we have of the world.

See the video. Only 5 minutes!

I hope you have a great week full of energy and full of KI!


Hi Guys!
Today we are going to talk about language and real aspect of language which is to how be accurate.
Accurate to your language.
Right now I’m in Valencia, I’m in a congress off the lawyers and because I was talking with some lawyers, these thing came to my mind, which is: several people exaggerate when they talk, they use the term “many”, the used the term with no objective, with no quantification, that is, how can I say, it is very bad because when we are in a company and we try to pass information to a colleague or some friend, we always have, if you are not precise with our language, if we are not accurate with our language, then something, something will go and can go wrong.
So, I think, I was in the congress, I want to tell you about the story, and I was talking with a lawyer, a woman, and I ask her – because we were discussing a little bit about time management – and she told me: “I have a lot of responsibilities with me”, so I asked: “Ok, that is natural, you are a woman which is a leader in an law firm, so what are your responsibilities?”, “first, I’m a mother, I have the responsibility with my kids”, (Ok: One), “And then, I have the responsibility in my office”, (Ok: Two), “And then, I am responsible, also with myself, things that I have to do”, (Ok: Three, anymore?), she start to think about, and suddenly she said: “No, nothing more…”
So with a lot of responsibilities that she puts, and she put like underlined, I transformed in just three.
I think that people intent to feel overwhelmed because they talk with themselves, the language which is not precise.
And so, my message to you today is: try to have a message that is as precise as possible! When you say “many” try to quantify the “many”, if you say “soon”, try to quantify how soon is gonna be. But try to be always precise! If you seucess with that, you will be much better professional, and you’ll have a much more effective business, wherever you are!
I hope you have a great, great week! Full of Energy and full of Ki!