Live with a smile in our lips isn’t always something easy… Specially with the daily stress that we live!

The truth is that Gratitude can be something corny, BUT it has a great impact in our lives and business.

How many times have you heard that if you give the universe will give back? Probably you didn’t believe it or you just said to that person:”Shut-up!” 🙂

Today I talk about this theme which is one of the BIG characteristics of successful entrepreneurs.

See the video. Only 7 minutes!

I hope you have a great week full of gratitude 🙂 and full of KI!


Is it possible that gratitude creates miracles?
Today we are going to talk about gratitude, and might be simplistic or it might be weird talk about this, but gratitude is one of the best feelings that you can have, and that can be can be trained. You can train to be, to feel grateful; and if you could feel grateful what will happen is: your days will be better, your way to look to the “problems”, (wich I don’t like to call it “problems” but “challenges”), your challenges in life – that always, always will appear – but you will face in a different manner and for sure you will live in a better away, because most of the time you are from Monday to Friday, you go like five days waiting for the weekend, so you spend five days of your life, of your week waiting for two days, to live in two days… And some of the people go out on Friday night, doing stuff that on Saturday morning or Saturday afternoon, depends when they wake up, they don’t remember what they did and they spend the Sunday recover from a hangover because it was an excessive way.
So, those people only live one day. They are waiting, they spend six days to live one day and I’m putting in this way, so you can realize that sometimes something is wrong. We are not living, we are passing by our lives during five days, for live i two days. So something’s not right here… The way you can also fight this feeling is to feel gratitude. If you feel the gratitude inside you, not mentally, not “Ok! I’m grateful for…something…”. Not mentally, if you feel it, if you feel it in your body, if you incorporate inside you, that will also help you to have a better days and if you believe it, you will track more positive to your life.
So I would like to give you an exercise to train this. First thing you include this on your ritual, I will prefer if it is morning ritual, it can be a night ritual, but I prefer if it would be the a morning ritual. So when you wake up, what you think? You go direct to your mobile phone? No, forget your mobile phone! You think about three things that you are very grateful. Probably you are wondering: “I’ve nothing to be grateful for, because right now I in a middle of a lot of things that I don’t like”… I can give you right now one that you have to be grateful: which one? Which is: Breathing! You are Breathing!
If you are watching this, for sure you are breathing and if you are breathing you are alive, and if you are alive you have to be very grateful for that. So if you write it down: “ok, I’m breathing!”. It’s great!
So, can be like small things, can be big things: “I was the world champion of something”, doesn’t matter, but you have to think about those things that you are very, very grateful. And if you do that, I can guarantee that after like twenty one days the average time it takes to incorporate a ritual reach inside you, to become like a habit and that will give you a feeling of a better day, of a better life, of feeling real well and to appreciate the good things that you have in life, and if you appreciate those things that appear in your life and, of course if, (I don’t know if you believe), but you also attract, also, good things to your life. Of course, you will had, for sure, your difficulties and your challenge, it’s part of life, but you will face it in a different state, in a different way.
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