Deadlines?! Estimations?!

I know… I know…

Giving deadlines is always a tiring action and sometimes it’s “futurelogy” :-), but they have to be given.

How many times did you ask for a work deadline, so you could plan your life and the answer that you got put you out of balance…

So, if you don’t want to feel that way, the first thing is to “lead by example”. We all know that deadlines are estimations, but these ones can be right on target or you can miss “by few inches” if you do it in the right way.

See the video. Only 9 minutes!

I hope you have a great week full of energy and full of KI!


Hi Guys!
Today I’m in Coimbra, in a place called Escola Agrária, a very beautiful place as you can see, and it is very windy, so the camera is shaking. And today I’m going to talk about deadlines and estimations, so, let’s talk about, let’s check it out!
As you can see today, I’m in sportswear and I hope you also exercise, you also do some exercise, you can take out the stress and energy.
Sometimes the camera might fall and I have to grab it, it will give some dynamic to the movie…
I’m going to talk, today, about deadlines and estimation, and for sure in your company, in your business and in your professional life, sometimes you have someone who asks you: “Can you tell me when are you going to deliver this?”, “What will be the deadline?”, or “I need this for this deadline!”, and you say: “I don’t known” or are being request for delivery a work for a client and you have to give a deadline, sometimes you say: “I’ll give you soon…” or “I don’t known when, I don’t know when I finish, I don’t know…”, so, sometimes when people say that to me, inside I feel “AARGHHHH”, but outside: “Really?! So, when it will be? 10 years, 5 years?”. So, it’s exaggeration of course, to give some shake in the brain, so people can realize that is not the right answer.
Of course, I know that sometimes we have work that is the first time that we are doing, so probably we don’t known exactly to take the time because it’s new, it’s very new. But there is a technique for that, I will tell you in a few minutes, so as I was saying, the deadlines are very important, an estimation is very important to give to the people because, that deadline probably will have influence to some planning, some work, some business, some money Ok? Because probably that deadline will have some consequences in a lot of work, to an invoice processing voice, to process an invoice, send a bill or something else and usually, usually if you are not an entrepreneur, you usually don’t have the whole picture, so you only see your work and that’s the important you know exactly what you’re doing and what is the impact if you failed the deadline.
And if you are an entrepreneur, of course you know, exactly that deadlines are huge and are very important to know in front, and usually when people are approaching to the to the end of that deadline, don’t want the person that was made that request, that work, they don’t want, they don’t say: “oh, be careful that I might fail this, I might fail. Because this came up, this happen, this priority came up…”
So, you have to be proactive. Proactive is very very important. If you are proactive you always be a great professional and that’s very very important, ok?
So, how can you give an estimation of something that we have never ever done? It’s very simple, so what you do is: you pick up the task that you need to, and you need to deliver the deadline for a task and you split in small tasks, so as small as you can estimate.
So, if you have a big task: you just are going to cut, cut, cut, cut and just for small actions that you are going to have, you give an estimation, because it’s easier. You see so small, you say: “Hoow, that?!” – This is an dynamic movie so we have to be ready to…
As I was telling you, you pick up the big tasks, you cut the task and then you calculate each small step and then you sum up and you’ll have an estimation.
Because it’s very easy to calculate, when you have a very very tiny step, very very easy. That way you can really give an estimation and get it right, but if you don’t get it right, don’t worry you’ll learn.
The most important is: first, warn the people that as request that work, warn before. Be proactive and then if you missed the deadline, just learn. Learn how can you do better next time, how can you give a better estimation, or how can you accomplish that deadline in the timing that is necessary and so you have to think how you can compress time and for that I can tell you, that you should see the video about the principle of sloth: the principle of laziness…that I speak about on one of my videoblogs, if you haven’t seen just click and see it.
I hope we have an amazing week full of energy, full of ki and put a thumbs up or thumbs down, it doesn’t matter, just give me something and if you want to see more videos about this just go to, there is a link over here and or just him some comments, just say something to me and I hope to see in the next video and once again: full of energy and full of what? Full of Ki, of course.
See you.