7 Steps to be irreplaceable in a team!


We all like to feel desirable in any team, but more to be desirable our goal should be to be irreplaceable. Or at least almost 🙂 like I always say: the cemitery is full of irreplaceable people. But it is also true that there are people that makes you feel like irreplaceable and this is the point that I will be focus on.

This feeling it is possible to be installed inside a team. In this video I approach 7 steps that if they are followed they will help you to create this sensation inside your team. There are many more principles that we could talk about but I just selected this ones that I considered are the most important. In the future I will do a 2nd part of this subject.

So, don’t be sorrow, don’t excuse yourself, just go forward and start to apply this 7 principles and for sure many good things will happen in your life.

See the video. Only 9 minutes!

I hope you have a great week full of energy and full of KI!