How to destroy your negative thoughts?

Another week enters our lives and it always comes that negative thought that insists on spoiling our day!
Had you already had that day, that moment when you look at everything and just cant see anything positive and on the contrary, you only you see negativity that almost makes you scream and “jump of the bridge”? Of course yes. We all have less happy times and less successful moments.
For many years that I have been able to effectively “tame” these thoughts and it was not long ago that I saw my process be proved by a very famous Neuroscientist … There is a process to eliminate the negative thoughts.
Want to know more? See the video!

I hope you had a great weekend, full of energy, no negative thoughts and full of KI!

P.S.: I’m not a english native speaket, so please forgive me my mistakes 🙂 🙂



How can you empty your mind?

How to destroy your negative thoughts?
Hi , my name is Ricardo Teixeira, welcome to another videoblog, of the site
Today we have to talk about negative thoughts and how to avoid them or at least minimize. We all have that character above our head usually we call it the evil spirit or something else. It is our evil side that talk with us with a negative, always with a negative thoughts and negative expressions. And most of the times they are not true but we get so envolved, so envolved that suddenly we start to beleive in those negative thoughts. And all over the years I’ve been fighting a lot with those negative thoughts and I think I am winning. But most of the people aren’t. And today I would like to give you like a three steps, like a three quick steps that you can use in your life and fight those negative thoughts. Because those negative thoughts are very toxic for your life. Like people. We all know and we already talked about that people around us that are toxic, we have to avoid them, but most of the times we also have the something in ourselves. So, I spend a lot of time to think how do I deal with those things, how can I systemize and teach other people and I found the other week a guy called Daniel Amen. And Daniel Amen is a neuroscientist, I just find out that use the some system as I. And so, I would like to give you, I would like to teach you the some system that he talks about.
So every time you feel sad, depressed or any negative feeling, you just write it down, just listed write, write, write… And make a list of all the feelings you are having. Then the second step you ask is it true. Is it true that this is happening? You ask yourself, you try to put that in perspective.
And the third thing is how can I… which step can I give, right away, right way that I can move forward and away from this feelings.
If you make those three steps you will get momentum, and if you get momentum you will succeed in a putting a cross all over those negative thoughts. Ok?
So, I hope you have enjoyed and if you haven’t subscrive this youtube channel just click here and subscrive the youtube channel, or you can go also to and leave your email and your comment that I would appreciate very much to receive. Ok? So, have a great week full of energy, full of ki and above all with no negative thoughts. Bye bye.