How to raise your game?


Evolution is not linear… It’s build on top of jumps 🙂 But something has to be done to make it happen!

Today I propose a tip that can make the difference and help you to raise your level!

See the video.

I wish you an AWESOME week, full of “levels”, full of energyand full of KI!

P.S.: I’m not a english native speaket, so please forgive me my mistakes 🙂 🙂



How to raise your game?
Ok so today I’m going to give you like one or two tips that can help to raise your game, raise your standards, so but before doing that, I like to, if you haven’t subscribed this videos, to click on this button or this button below, where you can subscribe, just go with the mouse, yes… ok… ok…
So how can we raise our game, because sometimes we are caught in something that is like, (you know the sense that we are trying to move and we cannot) and we need a push, sometimes you need a push and for that one tip that I would like to give is: make some bets, make a bet with someone that already does, for example imagine that you want to exercise, and so you establish a bet with someone that is doing exercise like three times a week and you bet with him that “yes you do 5”, and you that didn´t do nothing, you have to do two times and establish a punishmen,t if someone doesn’t accomplish, and so that way and of course, of course, that’s what it’s called accountability partner and we clear to you: “how many times it is…” “how many times you did…” so you can push both of you, to raise your games, and to keep up the, the, the goals that you establish in the beginning of the bet!
That’s, that’s one thing that can help you a lot. You can establish a lot of things: financial goals, contribution goals, whatever you want make a bet with someone and, and the, the, the, the best way is to bet with someone that is better than you on the goal that you are trying to accomplish. Because that way, you will be pushed, and you’ll try to beat him.
So the second tip that I would like to give to you is you is: you can use an application called, If you have an Iphone, I think for Android also exists, which the name… the name of the app is: “make me”, together not separate, makeme and with makeme, you can download that application and then you can establish your challenges, between people and that way you will, you will have a challenge going on where the people can have to take picture and have to prove, of course, you can fake the picture, but we are doing this as honest, and some… have to take a picture and say what they, they did, you know, that, that day and that way you will… you will always being… will always, every day you will always giving a step forward to, to accomplish that goal.
I hope you have like this tips and give me a comment, tell me what kind of bets have you done or are you thinking doing.
But just give me some feedback, some comments, give me a thumbs up or thumbs down, doesn´t matter but give me something and you can also, go to my site where you can put your email and receive news, every week.
I hope you have a great week, full of bets, and full of Ki!
Bye! Bye!